Millstreet, Co. Cork   Mobile: 087 2302693

Reasons why you should use us for training !

If you are ringing around to get the best price , thats understandable .
Price is important , but quality training is even more important .
There are a few things we think you should know about us , before making any booking .

We have a very simple but very effective approach to Training people , its seems this has worked for us since we started , with our business increasing every year .
We are Qualified and Registered to deliver Advanced Tuition (less than 20 in Ireland )
We specialise in Motorcycle Training only .
Your safety is always our priority.
Our School Bikes & PPE are well maintained, suitable for Training and safe .
Our Bike to Bike Radio's are modern and easy to use .
Our Facilities are accessible Fit for Purpose and Approved by the RSA .
We tailor the training to match your ability by dealing with you on a 1:1 basis .
We will never ask you to do something that you may not be ready for , or happy to do .
We will never take you out on the road with being completely happy that you are prepared.
We will not put pressure on you to participate in or complete any course .
We want you to enjoy the learning experience , as these are skills for life.
We take every student on an individual basis , and unlike some schools and instructors , we are not interested in rushing anyone through any course .
We want to improve your competence , and watch your confidence grow accordingly .

We guarantee you get what you Pay for .

Quality Training , from a professionally qualified training provider .