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Initial Basic Training - IBT

IBT is now mandatory ,if you are a new Permit holder you must complete your IBT course before riding a motorbike on the road .

IBT is available in the following formats.
(Prices will include Insurance Assessment only if required )

1:1 Training Provided at Special Rates
16hrs , AM , A1 - Modules 1,2,3,4
18hrs , A2 , A - Modules 1,3,5
11hrs , Module 5

Sharing is possible and can help reduce the cost , contact us for details.
Maximum 1 : 2 on road , at all times.
If you have a Group of 6 or more , we can offer a special discount of up to 20% !!
All courses Include Bike Hire , Gear , Insurance and Petrol.

**Terms and Conditions Apply (Age /Permit/Confirmation Code)