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Our Terms & Conditions - Jan 2017
This is a list of some of our basic Terms & Conditions .
This list is not exhaustive.

Its important information , contact us directly for any further clarification.

Our Instructor has full discretion on whether to provide or cease Training or not to any Individual or Group.


General Information for all Bike Riders on Bike Related Topics
This section provides information on a range of topics on which we get asked about on a regular basis .
From Learner Legal Bikes to Rules of the Road .
(Just click on the topic and it will open )

If you have an interesting Topic that you think other Bike Riders may benefit from .
Please send it to , in a .doc or .pdf attachment .


 Aon Bikecare Make & Model List October 2009.pdf

 About Penalty Points.doc

 Learner Legal Bikes.doc


 Final checks for your Test.pdf


 Motorcycle Licence Changes 2013.pdf


Initial Basic Training (IBT)
Details on all IBT Modules (Click on Link for Full Details of all IBT Courses )

Call us , if you cannot see what you need .

 IBT Modules Jan2017.doc

AXA Insurance Skills Assessment Information
Click on the link for more information on the AXA Insurance Skills Assessment .


Liberty Insurance Skills Assessment
Liberty Insurance have introduced a rider skills assessment which could save you money on your motorcycle insurance as well as improve your rider skills.

The Liberty Insurance rider skills initiative is not a test but is an assessment of the different skills required to ride a motorcycle safely. Training is not compulsory but it is strongly recommended and is likely to help you achieve a better level in your assessment. Generous discounts are given and vary by the level you achieve in your assessment.

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